ConvEyXO strives to unleash the full therapeutic potential of exosomes. The company was founded in 2019 by a team of seasoned cell therapy experts committed to making exosome-based therapies more widely available and affordable.
To strengthen its intellectual property portfolio of proprietary methods, technologies, and physical assets, ConvEyXO has set up several collaborations, joint ventures, acquisitions, and in-licensing agreements. This has resulted in a unique platform that combines breakthrough manufacturing (Exo-Harvest) and loading (XomeXBio) technologies. Together, they will enable the cost-effective large-scale production of exosomes capable of delivering bioactive compounds in a targeted way.


An ecosystem of strategic partners with complementary expertise has evolved. These partnerships typically tackle a specific challenge:

  • An immortalized cell line with proven preclinical efficacy in musculoskeletal diseases, which is used for the validation of the manufacturing and loading platforms.
  • Research tools to allow a rapid screening of moieties enabling the targeting of exosomes to tissues and sites of interest.
  • Applying microfluidic technology to enable precise drug substance loading without altering the intrinsic properties of the exosomes.
  • Unique 3D scaffolds with different geometries, exclusively licensed for use in exosomes production.
  • Digital tools to guide process optimization, including selecting the optimal geometry and predicting the cost of goods for large scale batches based on small scale process data.
  • Advanced process control solutions to ensure a robust and scalable automated production process, which reduces the risk of batch-to-batch failure by minimizing the need for manual intervention.